Modern Meaningful Design Sharing.

Modern Meaningful Design Sharing

Sharing. The word itself evokes warm feelings.

For business, sharing has become a powerful way to obtain new business and shorten the purchase journey. Harvard Business Review notes that most people become stressed with the infinite choices available and become overwhelmed. Consumers need guidance and opinions to help them along the way. The ability to share makes that possible by bringing others into the decision-making process, reducing stress and time to purchase.

As a business, by including meaningful, shareable content, you organically increase the audience. CBINSIGHTS has noted that 30% of Millennials select experiences that were shared with them. For example, a virtual 3D design project is a fun experience, and by sharing it, the originator teaches their audience how to use it to start their own projects. Thus, the experience builds a growing audience.

Envisioneer Online is a graphic home design software tool so consumers can visualize their space, and it also includes the power to share and collaborate inside the project. The homeowner invites others into the project to work on the room simultaneously and share ideas. As a result, interior design options become an easy to visualize decision that collaborators can weigh in on to reduce decision-making stress.

Envisioneer Online Shared Project where two or more people can collaborate in the project together.

When a consumer is engrossed in finding products in a fun designing experience, it improves the customer journey and accelerates them through the process.

Envisioneer Online is available as a white-label app on your website. Engage clients, give them the opportunity to collaborate, and share a positive experience on your website and ultimately shorten the purchase journey and build your audience.


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