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3D Models, Renderings & VR Experiences

Working with your Envisioneer Online project file or a simple illustration that is hand drawn or a pdf or a CAD drawing, our 3D model service can transform it in a beautiful, 3D virtual view, or a material estimate. Depending on the service you require we build the richness of the data into the 3D model.

We model for you

We're experts in 3D architecture, and you can trust us with your project.


“The 2D drawings of our kitchen from our Kitchen Designer made it difficult to truly visualize what the end result would look like. But with the Cadsoft services, they delivered customized details in 3D in the HomeViewVR App and staged renderings. It was like we were in the kitchen by viewing a virtual tour of our new kitchen. The virtual tour identified changes we wanted to make in the design before we finalized our design with our Kitchen Designer and start construction. Absolutely amazing!”

Here to Help

Do you need renderings or 3D views for presentation purposes?
Do you need the model for framing illustrations and quantities?
Do you want worksheet views developed?

Whatever the scope of the work our model service can create the BIM model for you.

3D Model of House


Fees are based on the services you use. Whether that be the entire house, just a room or a grouping of rooms, the price is based on the square footage of the space created. If you want to then add on a rendering of a room or have us upload a 3D panoramic view to the HomeViewVR app, we can do that for you! If you want us to generate a subsequent material list, we can do this for you as well!

Worksheet Drawing Sheet Package Includes:

You tell us the richness of the data you need to pull from the 3D BIM model and we ensure the model meets your needs.

  • a sheet for each floor plan of each story. Each floor plan is dimensioned, and rooms labeled.
  • a sheet of 4 elevation views. Depending on size of model this may be more than one sheet. Each elevation is hatched according to intake sheet.
  • a sheet showing a section through the model. Section cut placement to be reviewed and approved during review process.
3D Model of House

A quote will be sent to you based on the plans that you submit. The fees are based on the following: 3D model creation – Cost/sq. ft. of entire model. This includes unfinished spaces, garages and basements.

Single Packages
  • Rendering (Includes Interior Staging) + Cost/sq.ft of each room rendered.
  • 360 Panoramic VR upload (Includes Interior Staging) +Cost/sq.ft of each room uploaded.
  • Exterior Rendering (Includes Exterior Staging) +Cost/sq.ft of entire model.
  • Exterior 360 Panoramic VR upload (Includes Exterior Staging) +Cost/sq.ft of entire model.
  • Material Report +Cost/ sq.ft of entire model.
  • Working Drawing Sheet Package +Cost/sq. ft of entire model.
  • Change Orders +Cost/hour. Time estimate will be provided and approved before completion of work.
  • Additional Working Drawing Sheets +Cost/hour. Time estimate will be provided and approved before completion of work.